2020 music festival

our 7th season!

July 12-26 2020

MCMF 2020 Online

After careful analysis of the continued global, regional, and local impact of the Coronavirus, the CSYSA is excited to announce that we are presenting a 2-week intensive, online summer music & technology experience for our musicians! With countless cancellations of summer music camps and festivals taking place all over the country, we would like to offer our musicians a chance to continue their musical growth and gain command of the technology that, as the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated, is now so essential to a 21st century musician.
This program offers direct access to experts in each fundamental subject, including video production, audio editing, and of course, chamber music masterclasses and coachings with our Manitou Chamber Music Festival faculty! We will be incorporating much of what you would expect to find in the normal festival setting, but will adjust the festival so all ensemble activities will be held online. Participants will be responsible for attending all courses and submitting multiple recordings and videos throughout the 2-week period.

Sample Daily Schedule

8:30 am Check-in
8:45-10 Individual practice time
10:00 am Technology class – Week 1, audio software and editing, Week 2,video software and editing
11-12  Experiment with recording concepts, work on assignments
12:00 Lunch
12:30-4:30 Coaching via Zoom conferencing  – review of previously submitted recordings, work in real time on issues and concepts. Each person in the ensemble attends via the internet from his or her home. 
2-3  Evenings per week – 1-hour master class

Ensemble performances will be created with a recording technique called layering.  Students study the work to be recorded with the help of a guide recording created by the coach.  Each student then creates a recording of their part which is shared with the other members of their ensemble.  Each person records with every other person in the group, and the recordings are shared and discussed over Zoom conferencing. The correct leading voice for each section is selected and used as the first layer; everyone then records on top of that and the section is archived for use in the final production. Students edit the sections together to complete the project. 


Here is a screenshot of the audio recording tracks and an example of the first phrase of the Ravel String Quartet constructed with layering.